Sisters Network of Central New Jersey Inc (SNCNJ) Outreach Programs

SNCNJ provides various breast health awareness and education programs for the community. These are outreach programs targeted to the uninsured and underserved population of central New Jersey.


SNCNJ’s Breast Cancer Assistance Program (BCAP), is a unique assistance program and is the primary focus of the organization.  BCAP provides support services, referral service and financial assistance to women facing financial challenges during chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  These services, for those who qualify, include but not limited to insurance supplement assistance, food cards, transportation, wig and prosthetic allowances.  


The Health Summit and screening is held annually in partnership with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s, Community Outreach Department.  This program provides FREE basic screening (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and body mass index testing) to anyone in the community.  Breast health information is provided along with the opportunity to sign up for free mammograms, additionally, an "Ask the Doctor" booth is provided.  Follow up is given to all participants that need additional breast health information and/or show signs of health problems. Special provisions are made for uninsured and underserved women.

THE MAMMOGRAPHY PROJECT – Early Detection is Your Best Protection!  

This signature program encourages ALL women to get annual mammograms; our slogan for this program is “Early Detection is Your Best Protection”, early detection has proven to be one of the best weapons in reducing the breast cancer mortality rate.  The data captured by this program is used in our year over year follow-up statistics.

"THE YOUNG BUT NOT THE RECKLESS" is a breast health awareness program for inner city teens and young adults under 40 years of age. We strongly believe in teaching and providing awareness at an early age. This impactful program is conducted at middle schools, high schools, and on college campuses.

THE "SILVER FOXES" This program provides one-on-one breast health and awareness information to senior men and women age 55 and older.  Statistics show that seniors are among the population who are failing to maintain or continue with annual mammography screening.

CORPORATE BREAST HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMS:  Lunch and Learn mini Breast Cancer seminars are presented to corporations, sororities, fraternities and churches through the year.  However, the largest demand for SNCNJ services is during the month of October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

PINK RIBBON INITIATIVE:  This program takes breast cancer survivors into the churches, community centers and the community at large to distribute printed materials and collect statistics. Church and community leaders are encouraged to promote breast cancer awareness.