Sisters At Work - October 2016

Sisters Network of Central New Jersey Inc (SNCNJ) was moved this summer by the actions of The collegiate and alumnae chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.   The Sorority decided to hold a fundraiser, “Party With A Purpose ~ NJ Deltathon” and donate the proceeds to SNCNJ.  With no advanced advertising, a note and a bundle of checks arrived at Sisters Network facility on June 13, 2016  and checks continued to arrive throughout the month of June from the New Jersey Delta Sigma Theta Chapters ~ North Jersey Alumnae Chapter, Montclair Alumnae Chapter, Central Jersey Alumnae Chapter, South Jersey Alumnae Chapter and Bergen County Alumnae Chapter.  The President, Linda Wyatt-Simpson informed SNCNJ that the New Jersey Delta’s wanted to support SNCNJ; a cause to save lives.

Thank You Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.!

Sisters At Work - June 2016

Sisters at Work Sisters Network Central New Jersey offers free monthly support group meetings, the second Monday of each month (except July) at the Sisters House 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Every person impacted by breast cancer has a unique story and experience to share. SNCNJ’s monthly support group meetings are a place where the survivor can be heard.

Some topics discussed are:

  • The Cancer Diagnosis
  • What is Treatment
  • What happens after cancer

We also have professional presenters that offer their advice and provide vital information about treatment, side effects and how to live healthier life styles.

Presenting at June’s meeting: A. Frizzell Davis, DC, Davis Chiropractic Center

Sisters At Work - April 2016

A young mother of three, and breast cancer survivor, came to Sisters Network this quarter in need of help and assistance for a condition called Lymphedema (LIMF-eh-DEE-ma) or Lymphatic Obstruction.   Lymphedema is often associated with breast cancer surgery (mastectomy or lumpectomy), during breast cancer surgery, some of lymph nodes in the underarm may be removed, or during radiation therapy, some lymph nodes may be affected and become blocked.  When lymph nodes are blocked and fluid collects in the tissue swelling may occur in the area (arms, legs, chest, and/or back).   Lymphedema products are not covered by insurance, and this young mother required MLD long compression sleeves, elastic bandage wraps and a compression glove.  To assist, Sisters Network reached out to a local hospital that specializes in Lymphatic Obstruction and products to help remediate the condition.  SNCNJ negotiated with the hospital to have the prescription for the products filled and the costs billed to the SNCNJ Breast Cancer Assistance Program (BCAP).    We are proud to report that all products were delivered and our young mother started the manual lymphedema drainage therapy (MLD) and is doing well.  

Thank you, your Sisters at Work.




With the help and support of the Sister's Network of Central New Jersey organization Valarie Jacobs is here today to share her story of discovery and triumph over a battle that so many face today.

Click here to hear a story shared with Toya Beasley, Radio 103.9 personality.